Where does your money go?

Give a child the gift of music! Your gift will help transform the lives of area youth by providing them with guitars and free musical education. For every $100 raised, the Songbirds Foundation will provide a student a guitar, necessary equipment, and in-depth music lessons.

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Donate a guitar

Have a guitar that you don’t use? Donate it to the Songbirds Foundation today! The Songbirds Foundation is happy to accept donations of guitars that are in good playable condition. These guitars will be cleaned, outfitted, and awarded to underserved youth, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and in-need musicians through our Guitars for Kids, Guitars for Educators programs. If an instrument does not meet our quality standards it will be sold and the profits used to purchase new equipment. 

Fill the form below to begin the process of donating your guitar. All guitar donors must drop-off or mailed to our office.
Songbirds Foundation Attn: Reed Caldwell 35 Station Street Chattanooga, TN 37408